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From the creators of the South's most award winning sauce & condiment company, Race City Sauce Works, comes a new era in cocktail creations.

Since 2008 Race City Sauce Works has been creating some of the worlds most unique and award winning all natural artisan hot sauces and condiments. In 2013 we began the creative adventure of brewing up ideas for a new era of cocktail mixers and syrups that would raise the bar to fiery new heights. Thus Snake Oil Distillery was born.

Using only the purest all natural and organic ingredients, we developed flavor combinations that are not found any were else and all with just a hint of satisfying heat. From Swamp Water with Cucumber, Honeydew, Basil & jalapeño, to our very popular Tijuana Tincture Margarita Mix with pure key lime juice, agave nectar, and hints of blood orange, prickly pear and ghost Chile for that tingle of heat. At Snake Oil Distillery, we create the unimaginable, the unique. We promise to bring the purest, most libatiously awesome creations to your bar.


Snake Oil Distillery

3611 Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd Suite 204-321

Charlotte, NC 28216





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